VNIIAES (All-Russian Research Institute for NPP Operation) was established in 1979 by the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR with a view to provide scientific-technical support to NPPs by carrying out research and design projects aimed at enhancing their safety and efficiency as well as to supervise the launch of new NPPs.


The main lines of activity:


  • analyzing the NPP operation experience;
  • modeling neutronic and hydraulic processes in reactors;
  • designing, producing and supplying general and special simulators;
  • designing instructional technologies and software, working out guidelines;
  • drafting normative service documentation for all stages of NPP’s life;
  • providing technologies and guidelines for equipment, pipeline and system testing;
  • designing and improving Automated Process Control Systems;
  • Inspecting the equipment and assessing its residual resource;
  • controlling radiation safety and radioactive waste treatment;
  • enhancing the efficiency of the use of nuclear fuel at NPPs;
  • automating water chemistry processes;
  • ensuring the efficiency of NPP operation.

These and other services will be certainly applied in the new NPP projects to be implemented under the nuclear energy development program in the near future.


The Institute employs almost 650 specialists (76 with scientific degrees). The Institute has Postgraduate Department, Thesis Board as well as Training Center for training and qualification improvement. The Institute has a Rostekhnadzor certificate confirming that its quality management system meets ISO 9001:2000.


Core operations: research and technology support, operations support of NPPs: dealing with issues of NPP operations, increase of efficiency, extension of the operation term, safety and cost effectiveness of NPPs, development of technical requirements and concepts of new NPPs with VVER reactors. Design, system integration, and supply of automated process control system complexes for operating NPPs, and NPPs under construction, development and supply of simulators.