Each person shall have the right to favorable environment, 

reliable information about its state and compensation for damages caused to his health 

or property as a result of ecological violations

Article 42 of Constitution of the Russian Federation

The protection and recovery of the environment for the future generations is the key task of legal and physical entities using nature at present. Today, no political program or strategy can lead to Russia’s revival unless it offers specific solutions to ecological problems. Rational use of nature has always been a priority for Rosenergoatom.

Nuclear power plants have been created as an alternative to other sources of electricity. Presently, nuclear power plants generate 1/3 of electricity in Russia and are the third biggest producer after thermal power plants and water power plants. They have almost no impact on the environment. Today when the world is facing the problem of global heating and consequent cataclysms the ecological friendliness of NPPS is growing in value.  

Nuclear power plants can produce a lot of energy over relatively small area, which is a big advantage now that the requirements to use of lands and natural resources are getting increasingly tough. NPPs are situated far from big cities and are built in lands that cannot be used for other purposes.

The nuclear power plants of Rosenergoatom demonstrate high efficiency and safety throughout their service. 

They have had no single serious event or accident that might have had a negative impact on the environment. This proves that the Russian NPPs are safe and ecologically friendly.
Ecological safety, environmental protection, and rational use of natural resources in the areas of industrial activities constitute strategically important objectives for the Rosenergoatom. 

The purpose of the Rosenergoatom’s environmental policy is to provide the level of NPP safety when the impact on the environment, personnel, and population would be minimal, thus conserving natural systems and supporting their integrity and life-supporting functions.
The Rosenergoatom pursues a comprehensive approach to managing environmental impact which includes complete accountability to Rosatom State Corporation and transparency of all indicators of environmental activity.