Floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) “Akademik Lomonosov”

The technical basis of the FNPP reactor unit is the technology of civil and military vessel-born nuclear reactors used in Russia. History of their use includes more than 460 reactors with a total lifetime of more than 6500 reactor-years. This includes KLT-40 type installations, which have been used successfully and without failure in difficult ice conditions in the 1980s. In the Soviet Union, seven icebreakers and one nuclear barge carrier were built and successfully operated using OK-900 and KLT-40 reactor systems. Reliability and failure-free operation of nuclear vessels became the reason why leading enterprises in the field of civil nuclear shipbuilding proposed an idea of a vessel-born nuclear reactor for heat and power generation.

«Rosatom to launch world’s first floating nuclear power plant» (Published in Articles: EE Publishers)