Rosenergoatom is an operator of all Russian nuclear power plants and one of the most experienced companies in the field of nuclear facilities operation and maintenance. Today Rosenergoatom is ready to offer their entire accumulated potential to other countries launching nuclear programs. For the time being our company has an opportunity to transfer our experience to new-comers all stages of nuclear industry setup and development, and also to both render various services during NPP construction and help in nuclear infrastructures development and highly skilled personnel training.
Years of cooperation between Russia and other countries in the field of nuclear power units lifetime extension even today turn into effective projects basing on economic effectiveness and feasibility of such work. For example, there is in progress a joint project of Rosenergoatom and Armenia for Metsamor NPP lifetime extension. Two intergovernmental agreements serve the basis for this project implementation. One of them deals with cooperation in lifetime extension. Overall term of the project implementation is 5 years and is split into two stages: first – programme of comprehensive examination (systems, equipment, buildings and structures) resulting in development of the plan of the unit preparation for lifetime extension. The project is to be finalized by 2017. It’s planned to extend NPP lifetime by about 10 years.
Besides, for a long time we have been supporting lifetime extension projects for NPP units constructed by Russia in other countries, for example, in China, Iran, Hungary. Volume of support shown under these projects varies – from personnel training to assistance and help in power units operation.