Taking care of its veteran employees is an important directive of the Rosenergoatom’s social policy. The main objective for the veterans’ movement is to maintain the achieved level of cooperation with veterans, getting them involved in activities of their choice, allowing them to share their experiences with younger specialists, providing skilled medical assistance, and helping them with daily chores.


The Rosenergoatom honors the Agreement on Social Protection signed with the Inter-Regional Organization of Rosenergoatom JSC Veterans/Retirees (MOOVK), under which:


  • social, moral, and financial assistance is provided to veteran employees, as well as medical aid and health improvement;
  • social and other programmes are implemented to protect veterans;
  • veterans share experiences and skills with younger generation of employees, impart their patriotic spirit, and pass on their glorious traditions of work;
  • veterans are invited to work with the public, including through the media, to promote the nuclear power industry;
  • inviting veterans to join feasible paid work on temporary teams on assignments in research, production, etc., and other involvement in activities, to engage their vast occupational and life experiences.