Innovative development of Rosatom State Corporation companies seeks to make their products and services more competitive on the nuclear power market by upgrading existing technologies and retrofitting its production facilities.


Improving current technologies and adopting innovative ones is a prerequisite to development of the nuclear power system on the principles of safety and sustainable growth.


All science research and experimental design initiated by the Rosenergoatom are applied by nature and with the purpose to address real-life current needs of its nuclear plants, and to identity future objectives in the Rosenergoatom’s production and technology.


At present the Rosenergoatom’s main priorities for innovative development are: upgrading applied technologies for project design and construction of nuclear power units; extending the service life of principal equipment through development and adoption of new materials; design of new reactors.


Innovation Management


Innovation development of Rosenergoatom JSC is an integral part of maintaining positions of technology leader of Rosatom State Corporation and one of the main areas of strategic development of the company.


The main areas of innovative development of Rosenergoatom JSC are the following:

Improving competitiveness in the nuclear power market by: Enhancing processes of design and construction of nuclear power units; extending service life of principal equipment, including during development and implementation of new materials and processes

  • Creating new processes and products for energy markets through development of new reactor units
  • Gradual process and product diversification through transfer of own achievements to new (for Rosenergoatom JSC and Rosatom State Corporation) markets.

 Solving high-priority tasks of innovative development is aimed at achieving the following strategic goals:


1. Closure of nuclear fuel cycle at the power units with BN-1200 and VVER-TOI with mixed uranium plutonium fuel


  • Implementation of the R&D program
  • Construction of NPP power units with fast breeder reactors operating in nuclear energy system with closed nuclear fuel cycle.


The work on achieving this goal is performed as a part of the program "New Technology Platform: Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Fast Breeder Reactors".


2. Increasing competitiveness of nuclear power industry through construction of VVER power units using new designs with enhanced performance indicators.