Безопасность и экология

Ensuring safety of Russian NPPs throughout their entire life cycle is the top priority of the Rosenergoatom as an operator. The Rosenergoatom sets forth new global safety standards.


Safety of Russian NPPs: Results of inspections conducted by the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation.
All NPPs operating in Russia currently comply with Russian and international standards. All Russian projects in the area of NPPs comply with "post-Fukushima standards».


Ecology is a top priority
The main thing ecologists and ordinary people want to know about big manufacturing companies and NPPs is if they are ecologically safe and meet the modern standards.
Regular inspections of strategic facilities and monitorings by foreign experts confirm the high efficiency of all safety systems of the Russian NPPs. They meet the highest international standards. The facts show that Russian scientists and nuclear power engineers have considered their past mistakes and are doing their best to avoid accidents in the future.
Rosenergoatom is the operator of the Russian NPPs and is fully responsible for their safety. That’s why the ecological policy of the Rosenergoatom is highly transparent and well-thought-out.
The past experience shows that today there is no alternative to peaceful nuclear energy. Energy consumption is constantly growing and, in order to meet this demand, we must not just modernize our existing power generating capacities but also build new highly-efficient reactors. The climatic conditions in Russia are not as favorable as in many other countries. That’s why we need to be quick and efficient in resolving our energy problems and must never ignore ecology.


Principles of ecological policy
The key goals of the ecological policy of Rosenergoatom are as follows:


  • to ensure deeply echeloned protection against nuclear radiation and radioactive effects on the environment;
  • to minimize NPPs’ impacts on the environment;
  • to rationally use natural resources;
  • to ensure the transparency of ecological policy;

In order to attain the abovementioned goals, the Rosenergoatom:


  • complies with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian legislation, international and bilateral agreements, environment protection and health care standards and rules;
  • design, builds, launches and operates ecologically safe reactors;
  • designs and introduces efficient ecological systems;
  • considers ecological problems when making managerial decisions;
  • enhances the safety and efficiency of NPPs;
  • improves the methods and means of ecological control;
  • reduces hazardous emissions;
  • minimizes radioactive waste;
  • raise the ecological awareness of the personnel and the population;
  • constructively cooperates with public and ecological organizations and movements.