Three Rosenergoatom employees have won the gold at the international WorldSkills Kazan-2019 competition

At the international competition for young professionals, WorldSkills-2019, taking place on August 22-29 in Kazan, three Rosenergoatom employees have been awarded the top prizes: Dmitry Titov (AO ‘Consist-OS’, an affiliate company of Rosenergoatom) in the Information Security competence (as a part of Russian team), while the experts on the Rosatom team – Ekaterina Vodogreeva (Kalininatomenergoremont) and Olga Avdyunina (the Balakovo NPP) – became the winners in the ‘Life Cycle Management’ competence.

Dmitry Titov was noted as a gifted person during his university studies when he was invited to work for ‘Consist-OS’. He’s holding a position of a videoconferencing manager, which means he needs to facilitate timely and quality technical support for communication channels. Dmitry got a real challenge during the WorldSkills competition as he had to solve problems within the Information Security competence.

The first place at the REASkills-2019 division championship, successful participation at AtomSkills-2019, and, finally, making to the final cut of the WorldSkills competitors in Kazan – these are just the few of the achievements Olga Avdyunina, an economist at the Balakovo NPP financial planning, control and analysis group, is proud of. Together with Ekaterina Vodogreeva, an engineer at Kalininatomenergoremont, Olga participated as a part of the team in the Life Cycle Management competence. Her colleagues noted that the whole city of Udomlya was rooting for Ekaterina

Both ladies got onto the Rosatom team based on the outcomes of AtomSkills-2019 were one of the main experts in the industry was impressed with their performance. Despite the tough timelines, the team managed to prepare for the competition both remotely and at the premises provided by the Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engineering Company in Nizhniy Novgorod. ‘What I did at the championship is similar to a marathon!’ Olga Avdyunina shared her impressions. ‘You work hard and for a long period of time, and when you’re almost done, you just give it your best. Taking part in a professional competition teaches you how to use your time in a more productive way and, taking into account our competence – how to work in a team, cooperate with people in different positions and be better at communication.

‘It’s a big honor to be a part of the Rosatom State Corporation team. Taking part in the competition is great motivation to polishing one’s professional skills and a fantastic opportunities to exchange best practices and experience of working in the industry to advance the reliability and safety of the nuclear power all over the world’, Ekaterina Vodogreeva stated.

Over 1300 contestants from 63 countries took part in the WorldSkills professional competition covering 56 competencies. To qualify, the participants had to win their national WorldSkills competition, which means those are the best ones in their
countries. 63 people represented Russia during the contest, including five participants and two experts from Rosatom. The primary mission of the competition is to promote trade jobs, improve the status and the standards of professional training all across the globe.

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