28.06.2019  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

The construction team at the Kursk NPP-2 site started reinforcing the turbine building floor slabs at the 1st power block

An important technology operation has begun at the Kursk NPP-2 replacement power block construction site – the reinforcement of the turbine building floor slabs at the 1st power block. 8 out of 30 first-balcony pillars have been installed at their designated places at mark 0. JSC Concern Titan-2 is the contractor in charge of the operation.

On June 26, 2019, one of the heavy pillars was installed at the corner of the building. It’s 10 meters long, and its weight is 21 tons. A special installation team was working on the base preparation and the pillar installation itself.

‘According to the plan, we need to finalize the Phase 1 at mark 0 before September 14, 2019. We will then move on to the second-balcony installation reaching the mark +43. The second-level pillars that are 30 meters high will also be installed with one upheave’, Pavel Ivaskov, the head of the department at JSC Concern Titan-2, explained.

The pillars form the turbine building’s skeleton stiffener. They are edged in chain, and sandwich panels are mounted upon them, which encompasses the building’s thermal envelope. Before the end of the year, the construction team has to complete the 1st power block’s turbine building skeleton and start erecting the 2nd power block’s turbine building foundation.

‘All our tasks are important, but some of them are top priority, in particular, the construction of the 2nd power block’s reactor and auxiliary building foundations as well as the setup of the 1st power block containment area slabs. Once these pieces of work are delivered, we can move forward and initiate the activities related to walls and slabs assembly’, Alexey Buldygin, the head of the capital construction unit at the Kursk NPP-2, said.

The Kursk NPP-2 construction goes up to the plan. Primary focus is on the quality of the work delivered and occupational safety.

The Kursk NPP-2 is a replacement power plant comprising 2 power blocks with 1255 megawatt each. The station is constructed following the VVER-TOI project (Atomenergoproyekt, a part of the ASE Group, is the general designer, the ASE Group is the general contractor).

The 1st and the 2nd power blocks of the Kursk NPP-2 replacement station are erected following the cutting-edge Russian design of a nuclear power plant, VVER-TOI (Water-Water Energy Reactor Universal Optimized Digital). This is a new project created by Russian designers based on the technical solutions of the VVER-1200 NPP project. The capacity of each has been increased by 25%, up to 1255 megawatt. The life span has doubled.

The project caters for a combination of active and passive safety systems. In particular, the VVER-TOI has a device that localizes the nuclear reactor’s core meltdown, which is a unique safety management technology invented in Russia.

The VVER-TOI project has been fully certified in accordance with the European Utility Requirement (EUR).

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