19.06.2019  The Kursk NPP Information and Public Relations Department

The Kursk NPP: Danila Kozlovskiy, a famous film director, told about a new movie production during the media conference

On June 19, 2019, a media conference took place at the Information Department of the Kursk NPP involving Danila Kozlovskiy, a famous actor and film director in charge of making a fiction movie about the Chernobyl NPP accident. Representatives of more than 20 leading regional media took part in the conference.

When delivering an opening speech, Andrey Timonov, the Communications Department Director at the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company (a part of the Electric Power Division of the Rosatom State Corporation) said that they decided to help the ‘PEREVAL’ film company by providing the site of the under-constructed fifth power block, thus enabling the filming of a number of on-site shots.

‘The 75 years of nuclear power industry history of our country has not been just beds of roses, and we remember all the tough lessons we learnt from it’, Mr. Timonov noted. ‘What happened in 1986 along with the ongoing professional analysis of these events served as a basis for further advancement of our national nuclear power industry and enabled it to become one of the most up-to-date ones with regard to the safety culture. The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company has been among the top three safest nuclear operators in the world. Following our policy of transparency, the Russian nuclear power experts believe it is their obligation to inform the public on economic, environmental, and social aspects of what they do, and both documentaries and fiction movies about the history and advancement of nuclear power can be proper tools’.

‘We have been pondering on this project for several years’, Danila Kozlovskiy stated when answering questions from the media. ‘Personally, I have been involved in it for almost a year. This is a very serious topic that calls for deep investigation’.

The film director also mentioned that the main goal of the movie is to express great appreciation, respect, and gratitude to all the people who participated in addressing the consequences of the Chernobyl NPP accident and to those who accomplished a feat during the tough times in the name of our common future. ‘It is vital to remember these sad days and the lessons we all learnt, the people who were brave and decent enough to do the right things. Which is why we strive to make this movie as close to the real life as possible’, Mr. Kozlovskiy stressed.

He also told the attendees about how impressed he was when choosing a spot for filming and visiting the Leningrad and the Kursk NPP. ‘These places are incredible, and the people working there are fantastic, Mr. Kozlovskiy noted.

During the media conference, it was also pointed out that the shooting is taking place at the Kursk NPP 5th power block that was never completed, never was and is not running, was never put in operation and is currently conserved.

Those Kursk NPP power blocks that are now running will remain in normal operation during the shooting. These power blocks will not experience any interferences related to the movie production.

At present, power blocks No.1, 3 and 4 of the Kursk NPP operate according to the dispatch schedule. The 2nd power block is undergoing planned maintenance.

The 1st and the 2nd replacement Kursk NPP-2 power blocks are now being constructed and will house the new VVER-TOI reactor type. 

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