The Rostov NPP becomes a prize taker in ‘The Best Launch’ nomination of the prestigious ATOMEXPO AWARDS

The Rostov NPP became a runner-up in the international professional competition called ATOMEXPO AWARDS. This international competition grants awards for contributions into development and usage of nuclear powers to the benefit of the humanity.

The Rostov NPP became a winner in ‘The Best Launch’ nomination for its project on the Rostov NPP flow-line construction method, which fostered the revival of the nuclear power industry in Russia and became a unique experience in the nuclear power plants construction all over the world.

The Rostov NPP is the first one in the latest history of Russia to renew flow-line construction, which caters for both the most efficient usage of materials and funds and managing the construction deadlines. Additionally, this is the only nuclear power plant in the world that launched three new power blocks within a short period of time, the second one was launched in 2010, followed by the 3rd and the 4th ones in 2015 and 2018 respectively. ‘The second, the third and the fourth power blocks of the Rostov NPP were put into operation before schedule and under the budget. They all belong to the iconic VVER-1000 series of blocks that encapsulate top-notch safety approaches based on the defense-in-depth principle’, Aleksey Fedotov, the Deputy Director of Capital Construction and the Head of Capital Construction Department at the Rostov NPP, noted. The second ATOMEXPO AWARDS ceremony took place during the XI International ATOMEXPO-2019 Forum held in Sochi. The winners and the prize takers in the ATOMEXPO AWARDS nominations were determined by five independent international jury teams headed by global nuclear power experts.

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