The Beloyarsk NPP has obtained a license from the Rostekhnadzor to carry on with the operation of the 1st and the 2nd power blocks 'in the shutdown mode'

The Rostekhnadzor has issued a license for the Beloyarsk NPP to continue with the operation of non-working 1st and 2nd power blocks with AMB-100 and AMB-200 (‘Big Peaceful Atom’) reactors running on thermal neutrons.

These power blocks have exhausted their life span and were completely stopped in 1981 and 1989 respectively. However, until the spent fuel has been fully removed from the power blocks into the processing company, these power blocks are considered to be operational with the ‘in the shutdown mode’ mark.

The license valid for 10 years means that the Beloyarsk NPP can continue all necessary operations at the 1st and the 2nd power blocks and get those ready for the subsequent final shutdown.

The 1st and the 2nd power blocks of the Beloyarsk NPP were operated in 1964-1981 and 1967-1989 respectively. During its operational time, the 1st power block has produced 8.73 billion kilowatt-hours of electric power, while the 2nd power block accounts for 22.24 billion kilowatt-hours.

The Beloyarsk NPP has come into operation in April 1964. The first power blocks of the Beloyarsk NPP with thermal reactors AMB-100 and AMB-200 has been closed after the accumulated running time. The power block with a fast industrial capacity reactor BN-600 is still on. The power block with a fact reactor BN-800Н is currently being prepared for coming into operation.

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