20.02.2019  Communications Department of Rosenergoatom

At the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company presented its ‘Mendeleev’ Project on the construction of a distributed Data Processing Center network

The Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company (a part of the Electric Division of the Rosatom State Corporation) presented its ‘Mendeleev’ Project on the construction of a distributed Data Processing center network, as well as the Russia’s largest data center, ‘Kalininnskiy’, during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

More than 50 top managers of the major Russian and foreign companies as well as the representatives of the federal and regional authorities have attended the booth of the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company and negotiated the ways of optimizing their IT infrastructure.

An interactive mockup of the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center with a 3D hologram helped Rosenergoatom demonstrate a full picture of the Russia’s most powerful and secure data center, showcase the entire engineering infrastructure of a modern data center, and hold a virtual tour over all data center halls with the content being displayed on a video wall.

Sergey Migalin, the Head of the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center construction project, the Deputy CEO and the Director of Economics and Finance at the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, noted: ‘As of now, the ‘Kalininskiy’ data center, which is connected to the Kalinin NPP, is the core facility implemented as a part of Rosenergoatom’s ‘The power of digital future’ project. Russia has never seen a project of such scale before – the power delivered to this data center is 80 megawatt. Apart from empowering the regional companies to deploy their IT infrastructure in a secure and reliable ‘Kalininskiy’ data center, it also offers an option of using its highly-protected cloud services as well as guaranteed top-notch information security and physical protection of the data access’.

According to Mr. Migalin, the Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company currently negotiates an opportunity of constructing data centers across the country with the regional authorities and heads of major regional private companies.

‘Nowadays, the majority of governors want to have their own data centers. They do want to keep both the IT systems and the regional data processed by those as well as the investments into the IT within their own regions. That said, what we have to offer will enable both the regional government and the major private companies optimize their IT infrastructure expenses by building their own regional data centers’, Mr. Migalin said.

The project on construction of Russia’s largest data centre, the main in the series of data centres of Mendeleev project is implemented by Rosenergoatom JSC in partnership with Rostelekom PJSC. It is one of the key tasks of the company within the expanse of the product line, competency building in managing the data centres and reaching new markets, including foreign ones. This is the first DPC of the Rosenergoatom built in framework of implementation of the State program of “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”. The creation of the series of data centres will provide the citizens of the Russian Federation with equal access to digital state services, as well as the high level of system reliability. 

Rosenergoatom  JSC is the leading enterprise of the Electric Energy Division of Rosatom State Corporation, the leader in electric energy generation both in Russia and abroad. It is the largest generating company in Russia and the 2nd largest in the world in terms of the volume of nuclear generating capacity. The Concern includes all 10 Russian nuclear power plants, which grant the status of branches, as well as enterprises that support the activities of the generating company. In total, 35 power units with a total installed capacity of 27.9 GW are operated at 10 Russian nuclear power plants. At present, the nuclear power plants of Russia produce about 18.3% of the total electric energy in the country.

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