The assembly of the backup control system for the VVER-1200 power block No.2 has started at the Leningrad NPP

The assembly of the facilities for the operational and dispatch management that will serve as a backup in case the major control systems fail has started at the unit control station of the Leningrad NPP’s 2nd power block with a VVER-1200 reactor. The team is expected to install 32 panels, some of which will be placed in the backup control building.

Following the installation, the panels will be welded and connected to the cable lines. Following that, the team will apply the voltage to the equipment and perform the commissioning and start-up activities. The backup system will be tested as a part of the whole automated technology processes management system at the 2nd power block.

According to Anatoliy Chikov, the Deputy Head of the Thermal Automatics and Measurements Workshop at the Leningrad NPP, the main advantage of the panels is their modular structure, which means that the faulty equipment can be easily replaced or, if necessary, upgraded.

It is planned that all works related to this type of equipment is going to be completed in April. This is required to ensure that the liquid release into the technological systems over the open reactor can be performed timely. During this operation, the team will check the penetrability of the reactor facility’s primary system pipe. The liquid release is one of the key tasks for 2019, which is planned for Q2.

The Leningrad NPP is the country’s first plant with RBMK-1000 reactors (uranium-graphite circuit-type reactor running on thermal neutrons). The decision that marked its construction was taken in September 1966 by a resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR and the Council of Ministers No. 800-252. According to that document, the Leningrad NPP was supposed to become a core in a network of nuclear power plants with RBMK-1000 reactors that were supposed to produce a substantial share of electric power. The construction of the Leningrad NPP was going well, and by 1973 the first power block was fully erected. On December 23, 1973, following stable 72-hours’ operation at the capacity of 150 megawatt, the State Commission signed the acceptance certificate stating that the first power block of the Leningrad nuclear power plant is commissioned for pilot production.

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