The project for a virtual-digital NPP will be used during the implementation of the Proryv project

The Virtual Digital NPP project (VDNPP), developed by VNIIAES JSC (a subsidiary of Rosenergoatom JSC) in cooperation with the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, can be used during the implementation of the Proryv sectoral project. This was stated by the project scientific advisor Evgeniy Adamov, who witnessed the capabilities of the virtual-digital NPP. Mr. Adamov invited the project creators to be involved in his project – Proryv – and noted the need to develop an integrated product on the basis of the VDNPP for sale to interested customers, including foreigners.

Rosatom’s representatives – including Vladimir Asmolov, Advisor to the Director General of Rosatom SC, the leaders of the Proryv project, and representatives of the Rosatom’s relevant departments – were interested in the following virtual-digital NPP possibilities: the power unit project verification using a set of multilevel models that combines the capabilities of full-scale models of the unit’s technological systems, detailed models of the automated process control systems (APCS), detailed CFD-models of the main technological elements of the power unit and precise modules that help to calculate the full scope of operation of the power unit.

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The Proryv project is being implemented by Rosatom State Corporation at the Siberian Chemical Combine (Seversk, Tomsk Oblast). The project is aimed at creating a new technological platform for the nuclear industry with a closed nuclear fuel cycle and solving the problems of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. The result of the project will be the creation of a competitive product that will ensure the leadership of Russian technologies in the world nuclear energy industry. One of the project’s directions is to construct a pilot power complex of the BREST-OD-300 reactor facility with a near-nuclear fuel cycle and a complex for mixed uranium-plutonium (nitride) fuel production for fast neutron reactors.

The unique software and hardware complex Virtual-Digital NPP, created by joint efforts of VNIIAES and the NSI RAS, combines the capabilities of the power unit’s multilevel models: the full-scale models of the technological systems and automated process control systems, highly detailed models of the main elements of the power unit based on CFD codes and precision models. The Virtual-Digital NPP allows to carry out a complex analysis of the APCS and power units in general, while ensuring the development of high-quality models of simulators for NPP personnel training.

The representatives of EDF (France) have already expressed interest in the VDNPP project within the framework of the Russian-French seminar on the use of simulators for the project development and personnel training. French specialists were presented with the VDNPP software and hardware complex as a new platform for the development of a simulator model for an NPP power unit, as well as the capabilities of the project testing complex for new power units of Russian design.

Rosenergoatom is a largest enterprise in electricity and power production sector in Russia and the only company that performs the functions of the operator of nuclear power plants. The core areas of the company business: production of electric and heat energy at nuclear power plants, operation of nuclear facilities, sources of radiation, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances, that is performed in accordance with the requirements of Russian laws and regulations. Rosenergoatom incorporates all 10 nuclear power plants of Russia, affiliated within the structure of Rosenergoatom, as well as the enterprises that support the performance of the generating company. Currently, the NPPs of Russia produce about 19% of total electricity generation in Russia. 

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