Leningrad NPP: nuclear sciences students from 12 countries had a technical tour at the site of innovative power units with VVER-1200 reactors

More than a dozen students from 12 countries participating in the international educational program of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) have got a technical tour to the site of new power units with VVER-1200 reactors at Leningrad NPP.

Rifat Bin Karim (Bangladesh), a first-year student at the master’s program of the Institute of Power Engineering and Transport Systems of the SPbPU, “I'm impressed! We have nearly three dozen thermal power plants in our country, but they are not this powerful and they run on fuel oil, heavy diesel fuel and natural gas. Some of them were built in the 60-70s. I hope that the first super-power nuclear power plant Ruppur, which Rosatom will build in Bangladesh, will become an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable source of electric energy for my country’s industry development.”

“This tour is a unique opportunity for us to see live reference power units, which we will have to operate in a few years at the first Turkish nuclear power plant Akkuyu. Today we watched the construction of the second power unit, its main equipment being installed, learned what tests are being carried out at the already built power unit to confirm its safe and reliable operation. The scale of construction, innovative design solutions, the amount and the seriousness of technological systems’ testing – I find that all extremely impressive! I dream to work at such a modern nuclear power plant, and this trip is a serious argument to give all my energy to studying, to get high quality knowledge to ensure safe and effective operation of the future Turkish NPP”, Ege Mert, second-year student at the SPbPU, shared his impressions.

His classmate and compatriot Emre Beki added, “Russia and Turkey are partners in various areas - from industry to culture and tourism. I think that Akkuyu NPP, which is being built after the Russian design, is one of the unique friendship bridges that should strengthen cooperation and friendship between our countries. And I'm glad that I study energy in Russia; your country is an absolute leader in the field of nuclear technologies – that means that the knowledge we will get here will be up to date, deep, serious and even unique.”

As Natalia Donmez, the supervisor of the Nuclear and Thermal Power Department of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems of the SPbPU, explained, the technical tours to the new power units of Leningrad NPP traditionally evoke a strong interest among the participants of the international educational programs of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, “For the future nuclear scientists it is an opportunity to look into their own professional future, to get an insight into what they will be doing in future. Many of them will start working at the NPPs during construction; they will supervise buildings and structures erection, equipment and technological systems installation, and then start-up and adjustment of the new units. Our students have seen all these today at LNPP. I'm sure they will find it useful!”

Leningrad NPP is a branch of Rosenergoatom. The Plant is located at the town of Sosnovy Bor, 40 km west of St. Petersburg on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. LNPP is the first plant in the country with RBMK-1000 reactors (thermal-neutron heat-pipe cooled uranium-graphite nuclear reactors). The NPP operates four power units with an electric capacity of 1,000 MW each. The first unit of replacement capacities with VVER-1200 reactor is at the physical start-up stage, the second VVER-1200 type unit is under construction. Rosenergoatom Concern JSC is the customer-developer of the project, ATOMPROEKT JSC is the general designer, and CONTSERN TITAN-2 JSC is the general contractor.

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