15.05.2018  Pubic affairs offices of Atomtekhenergo JSC and Atomenergoremont JSC

The seminar on the subject of the Best practices of the nuclear industry for thermal power was held within the framework of ATOMEXPO 2018 by Atomtekhenergo JSC and Atomenergoremont JSC

On 15 May, 2018, within the framework of ATOMEXPO 2018 International Forum, which takes place in Sochi, the seminar on the Best practices of the nuclear industry for thermal power was held in the booth of Rosenergoatom JSC (a part of Rosatom’s Electric Power Division).

This year Atomtekhenergo JSC and Atomenergoremont JSC (subsidiaries of Rosenergoatom) celebrate their 35 anniversary.

“Russia has only a handful of organizations that, being formed in Soviet times, faced the world changing throughout the decades. Today it is important to continue confirming our competencies, move forward, look for new markets, be more active at foreign markets”, the Deputy Director General - Business Development Director of Rosenergoatom JSC Nikita Konstantinov, noted in his opening speech.

In addition to commissioning at nuclear facilities, the Atomtekhenergo personnel are involved in works at thermal power plants. Throughout its existence Atomtekhenergo JSC has been taking part in the start-up of such thermal facilities, as 1 unit of Yuzhnouralskaya GRES-2, 2 units of Novokuznetskaya GTES, and 2 units of Tom-Usinskaya GRES.

Atomenergoremont personnel have experience, corresponding licenses and competencies to perform repair work both within the premises of nuclear facilities, and at other energy production units.

Atomtekhenergo JSC has licenses for carrying out activities in the field of nuclear and conventional energy; it also has a staff of professionals in engineering, the necessary equipment for commissioning and testing.

For 35 years Atomtekhenergo JSC and Atomenergoremont JSC have been proving themselves as leaders of maintenance and repair services, commissioning, and modernization in the nuclear industry.

Within the framework of the event, they carried negotiations with Sibtekhenergo JSC, Lonas Technology JSC, and Complex Energy Solutions GC with the purpose of long-term cooperation.

Atomtekhenergo JSC is a part of the management department of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and is a subsidiary to Rosenergoatom JSC. Atomtekhenergo is represented by the head office and seven branches located in different regions of the Russian Federation. Six branches specialize in the commissioning of nuclear power plants, one branch specializes in NPP personnel training and licensing. Atomtekhenergo performs a full range of works and services for NPP start-up, including all types of commissioning works for all the equipment and systems of a nuclear power plant.

Atomenergoremont JSC is the main Russian nuclear power industry organization specialized in repairs, the general contractor for equipment maintenance and repair at NPPs and other industrial and energy enterprises. Atomenergoremont performs more than 70% of repair work at Rosenergoatom’s NPP sites. 

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