11.05.2018  Department of information and public relations of Rosenergoatom

The workshop dedicated to the subject “Hydrogen energy” will be held at the booth of Rosenergoatom within the Forum Atomexpo-2018

The workshop dedicated to the subject “Hydrogen energy” will be arranged on May 14, 2018 from 13:00 to 14:45 at the exhibition booth of Rosenergoatom in the framework of the Forum Atomexpo-2018 that will be held in Sochi in the Principal Media Hub.

The purpose of the workshop is the positioning of hydrogen as a potential product of State Corporation Rosatom and information of the potential partners and promising investors on the project of construction of the pilot Nuclear hydrogen production plant (NHPP) with technological section for environmental friendly hydrogen production from water and natural gas. The participants also will discuss optional organizational forms for this project implementation.

The target audience is the industrial companies, the Forum participants that consider the opportunities of more active involvement into a new international trend of transition to a new energy bearer, i.e. hydrogen.

The following topics are declared as the key ones at the workshop: NHPP with HTGCR as a basis for large-scale environmental friendly hydrogen production from water and natural gas; possible options of cooperation and collaboration, market segments for promotion of the hydrogen technologies and safety of the hydrogen energy.

The key speakers: from OKBM Afrikantov - V.V. Petrunin, presentation: “Synergy of hydrogen and nuclear high-temperature technologies”; from Nuclear safety institute of RAS - L.A. Bolshov, presentation: “Hydrogen safety (production, distribution, storage and consumption)”; a representative of Rusatom Overseas, presentation “Analysis of the world hydrogen energy market and prospects of its development”; and a representative from Toshiba, presentation: “Develoopment of hydrogen energy in Japan and technological priorities of Toshiba”.

Moderator - N.N. Ponomarev-Stepnoy (Rosenergoatom).

Rosenergoatom is a largest enterprise in electricity and power production sector in Russia and the only company that performs the functions of the operator of nuclear power plants. The core areas of the company business: production of electric and heat energy at nuclear power plants, operation of nuclear facilities, sources of radiation, storage facilities for nuclear materials and radioactive substances, that is performed in accordance with the requirements of Russian laws and regulations. Rosenergoatom incorporates all 10 nuclear power plants of Russia, affiliated within the structure of Rosenergoatom, as well as the enterprises that support the performance of the generating company. Currently, the NPPs of Russia produce about 19% of total electricity generation in Russia

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