Rusatom Service JSC starts to perform works as a part of a scheduled preventive mainteanance of Bushehr NPP 13.02.2018  Rusatom Service JSC

Rusatom Service JSC starts to perform works as a part of a scheduled preventive mainteanance of Bushehr NPP

Specialists from Rusatom Service JSC started the scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM) after the outage of the power unit on February 12. This is the fourth SPM of the Unit performed in collaboration with the Russian specialists.

This is the first SPM performed by a direct contract between Nuclear Power Production & Development of Iran (NPPD) and Rusatom Service JSC. Rusatom Service JSC will conduct the repair of main equipment in reactor compartment: medium repair of the reactor with partial refueling; overhaul repair of two steam generators, pressurizer, hydraulic accumulator of ECCS and the repair of turbine generators with opening of three low-pressure cylinders. Additionally, the equipment of automated process control system will be repaired.

Rusatom Service JSC invites highly qualified personnel from more than thirty specialized companies to accomplish these works. More than two hundred professionals from Rosenergoatom Concern JSC, Atomenergoremont JSC, ATEX JSC, Power Machines PJSC and other Russian companies implement the SPM.

The commission, comprised of specialists from both Rusatom Service JSC and Bushehr NPP, worked during the preparation for the SPM. They carefully analyzed and planned works, especially those, which could directly affect the duration of the maintenance.

The head of technical maintenance and repair department of Rusatom Service JSC Sergei Sharabanov commented on the project: “The SPM was planned to last for 60 days. The preparation for the following SPM would start right after the completion of the current. He also stressed that only a careful planning and timely preparation for works allowed to maintain economic efficiency of the SPM. Sergei emphasized that all actions were taken in accordance with all NPP operation safety requirements.

The contract between NPPD and Rusatom Service JSC for SPM and provision of consulting and educational services to the personnel of the NPP was signed in October 2017. According to the contract, four SPMs will be performed within 4 years, from 2018 – 2021. Additionally, Rusatom Service JSC will provide consulting and technical support services along with training of the NPP personne.

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