Kalinin NPP: operations began to connect the Data Processing Center facilities to the 110 kV substation

The stage of control checks of the 110/10 kV substation high-voltage current conductors and equipment, as well as gradual connection of the DPC facilities to the 110 kV substation have begun at the Data Processing Center in Udomlya (Tver Oblast) on 26 December, 2017.

A little earlier, on 23 December, a key operation was performed to power the power transformers TRDN-80000/110 of the Data Processing Center 110/10 kV substation.

Sergey Migalin, the Deputy Director General - Director for Economics and Finance of Rosenergoatom Concern, congratulated the Kalinin NPP team on the significant event and emphasized that it was an important reference point for putting the Phase I of the Data Processing Center into operation.

The construction of Mendeleev DPC is being implemented near Kalinin NPP. This is a joint investment project of Rosenergoatom Concern and Rostelecom PJSC. Neighboring with the Nuclear Power Plant will allow the Facility to have an independent, uninterrupted, and powerful energy source and corresponding parameters for ensuring the facility perimeter security.

Taking into account the start of operation of the third DPC building in 2018, the design capacity of the Data Processing Center will be about 48 MW. At the second stage, during 2018-2019, Rostelecom will additionally start operating its hardware rooms to accommodate up to 4800 unified racks.

The Kalininskaya nuclear power plant is a branch of the JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom". The station is located in the north of the Tver region in the Udomelskiy area. There are four power units with water-cooled power reactors (VVER-1000) with installed capacity of 1000 MW each in the structure of the Kalininskaya nuclear power station.

The up-to-date information on the nuclear environment close to the Russian NOOs and other nuclear objects is available at www.russianatom.ru

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