The year’s key operation of reinforcing the base plate of the 1st unit reactor building has begun at Kursk NPP-2

At the construction site of Kursk NPP-2 replacement plant, the key event of the year – the reinforcement of the base plate of the 1st unit reactor building – was started on time, within the timeframe established by Rosatom State Corporation.

On 21 December, 2017, the first reinforced concrete block with a weight of 16 tons was mounted on the laid reinforcement of the bottom boom of the foundation plate. In total, 105 reinforced blocks with a total weight of more than 1600 tons will be mounted on the foundation plate of the building. This will allow to start laying the first concrete in the foundation plate of the 1st power unit reactor building in the first half of 2018.

Before the ceremonial installation of the reinforced block the base plate reinforcement was decorated with a memorial sign – a coupling sleeve with an engraved inscription that says “The future is being laid today! It is the first coupling sleeve of the VVER-TOI innovative power unit”.

In the opinion of the Governor, A. Mikhailov, the Kursk Oblast was greatly honored to be one of the first in the world that have a built and commissioned nuclear power plants with the new generation of VVER-TOI reactors. “The current event was made possible thanks to the support of the Russian President and Rosatom’s lead managers. The construction of KuNPP-2 replacement plant with power units that meet modern world security standards opens up the prospects for development in the region by the end of the 21st century, that not every region of Russia could have”, he stressed.

“It is very symbolic that today's event took place in the year of Rosenergoatom Concern’s 25th anniversary and the Rosatom State Corporation’s 10th anniversary. It is the newest history of the nuclear industry”, Vyacheslav Fedyukin, the Plant Manager of Kursk nuclear power plant said. “The construction of the first in our country power unit with VVER-TOI is an example of the inherent property of nuclear energy to be on the cutting edge of scientific and technological innovation development. The power units of the new VVER-TOI model are the most modern development, the crown of the scientific and technical thought of our nuclear industry.”

Reinforcement of the base plate is carried out in several stages – the reinforcement of the bottom boom; the mounting of the reinforced blocks; the reinforcement of the upper boom; and the installation of reinforcement releases for the above structures for a rigid connection with the foundation plate.

At the Kursk NPP-2 construction site other works are being performed. They include the 2017 soil excavation in the amount of 1.2 million m3. More than 800 thousand m3 of sand and gravel mixture were laid at the base of Kursk NPP-2 buildings and structures. The work on the construction of the 330/10 kV replacement plant is nearly completed with the preparation of the necessary technical documents are being in the process for commissioning the facility. 

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