07.08.2017  The Rostov NPP Information and Public Relations Administration

Rostov NPP: the technological system flushing has started at the 2nd cell of the diesel generating standby electric power station of the starting power unit No 4

The stage of the technological system post-assembly flushing has started at the 2nd cell of the diesel generating standby electric power station (DGSEPS) of the 4th power unit of Rostov NPP under construction.

“After the construction is completed the 2nd cell of the 4th unit the DGSEPS will require post-construction pipelines flushing and putting on the diesel generator to maintenance standby. In order to perform DGSEPS systems flushing, we received oil. Further, to test the 2nd cell diesel generator at idle, we’ll also get diesel fuel. The DGSEPS should be ready for operation before the reactor unit hot trial, which is scheduled for this August-September”, the Head of the Reactor Shop of the Phase II of Rostov NPP Oleg Vysotskiy said.

The standby diesel power station is designed to supply safety system consumers with electric power in emergency modes. The DGSEPS has a diesel generator in each of the three isolated cells for each NPP’s power unit. Each DGSEPS cell is a single-aggregate power station that functions as a safety train of the support safety system. The cell is equipped with autonomous fuel, cooling, oil, starting air, heating, and ventilation systems.

In normal operation mode of the nuclear power plant, the DGSEPS is in a state of constant maintenance standby.

The power block No. 4 is planned to be launched in 2017.

The Rostov NPP is an affiliate company for Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC. The plant is based at the Tsymlianskoe reservoir shore 13.5 km away from Volgodonsk. The NPP operates VVER-1000 reactors with the installed capacity of 1000 megawatts. The power block No.1 commenced commercial operations in 2001, with the second and the third power blocks to follow in 2010 and on September 17, 2015, respectively. The power block No. 4 is currently under construction.

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