One of the key operations of the year – the positioning of the turbine unit of the power unit 1 under construction on the turning gear –has been carried out at Leningrad NPP

At the first VVER-1200 power unit under construction of Leningrad NPP, the most important stage of the positioning of the turbine unit has been completed. One of the key operations of the year – the turbine generator idling from the turning gear – has been carried out. This confirmed that the turbine positioning and the generator assembly were completed correctly and this equipment is fully ready for operation.

“The turbine unit positioning on the turning gear is the final part of the turbine and generator assembly. Then, the turbine unit won’t be opened until the first planned repair”, the Plant Manager of Leningrad NPP Vladimir Pereguda emphasized. “The next key event in the turbine room of the 1st power unit will be a test vacuum buildup. Right now we are going through full-scale preparations for this operation. It will involve a number of items of the first start-up facility and various services of the Plant under construction.”

The operation was carried out according to the regular scheme - the turning gear, which is powered by an electric motor with a power of 30 kW, and rotates the shaft at a speed of about one turn per minute. The main purpose of the turning gear is to prevent the thermal deflection of the turbine rotors during the start-up and shutdown periods.

The Deputy Head of the Turbine Shop of Leningrad NPP under construction Andrey Timakov noted, “The turbine unit was successfully positioned on the turning gear, no grazing was detected during the shaft rotation in the turbine wheelspace and in the generator. This important event completed a large complex of works related to the assembly of all elements of the turbine and the generator. This includes turbine cylinders tying with bleeder lines, bearings with lubrication and hydraulic lifting pipelines, transferring the turbine unit base plate to resilient support, installation and adjustment of sensors for monitoring the mechanical performance of the turbine. At the same time, the generator stator has been modernized. That is connected with the inspection and additional blocking of the stator’s cooling rods, which was followed by putting into operation of the cooling system and high-voltage testing of the generator stator. The next major work was reaming of the generator rotor and the low-pressure cylinder rotor, as well as aligning of the turbine unit shaft.”

The workers of MSU-90 assembly organization, Concern Titan-2 JSC general contractor, the specialists of the turbine, electrical and thermal instrumentation and control shops of Leningrad NPP under construction, and the representatives of Silovye mashiny PJSC participated in the preparation for these tests.

The Leningrad NPP is an affiliate company for Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC. The plant is based in the city of Sosnovy Bor, 40 km to the west from Saint Petersburg at the Gulf of Finland shore. The Leningrad NPP is the first Russian nuclear power plant having RBMK-1000 reactors (uranium-graphite channel-type thermal neutron reactors). The NPP exploits 4 power blocks with the electric capacity of 1000 megawatt each. Also, pursuant to the NPP-2006 project, 1,2 VVER-1200 power blocks included into The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM long-term plan are being constructed. Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC is the owner and developer of the project. Holding TITAN-2 is the primary contractor. ATOMPROEKT is the general designer.

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