Rosenergoatom: in 2017, Russia's nuclear power plants set an absolute record of 202.868 billion kWh of produced energy, exceeding the 2016 achievements and the FAS balance

In 2017, Russian NPPs’ (a part of Rosatom’s Electric Power Division) electric power generation reached another record.

Russian nuclear power plants exceeded the achievement of 2016 in the amount of generated energy by increasing the total production by more than 6.5 billion kWh – up to 202.868 billion kWh (compared to 196.366 billion kWh in 2016).

The balance of the FAS for 2017 was exceeded by 3 billion kWh (a planned amount was 199.84 billion kWh).

Kalinin NPP, Balakovo NPP (about 32 billion kWh each), and Leningrad NPP (26.7 billion kWh) had the most noticeable results among the Russian NPPs, providing the largest contribution to the Company's current record.
Thus, the NPPs set an absolute record for the entire history of the Russian nuclear power industry, approaching the absolute record for production, that previously had been achieved only in the Soviet Union in 1989 (the total generation amounted to 212.58 billion kWh; that included nuclear power plants of Ukraine, Lithuania, and Armenia).

Rosenergoatom Concern JSC is the leading enterprise of the Electric Energy Division of Rosatom State Corporation, the leader in electric energy generation both in Russia and abroad. It is the largest generating company in Russia and the 2nd largest in the world in terms of the volume of nuclear generating capacity. The Concern includes all 10 Russian nuclear power plants, which grant the status of branches, as well as enterprises that support the activities of the generating company. In total, 35 power units with a total installed capacity of 27.9 GW are operated at 10 Russian nuclear power plants. At present, the nuclear power plants of Russia produce about 18.3% of the total electric energy in the country.

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